Churchill in Waterstones

I am excited to let you know that Churchill will be (exclusively) available early in Waterstones! (in stores September 13)
I wish I were there to see my first book, so please do take pictures if you do see Churchill. :)


Amazon pig

So thrilled to announce my first picture book, Churchill's Tale of Tails is now available for pre-order on Amazon!  More sneak peaks soon :)


Churchill In Bologna

I am so excited to have had the cover of my first picture book displayed at the Random House stand during  the Bologna Children's Book Fair this year. "Churchill's Tale of Tails" will be published by Jonathan Cape early next year :) Thanks to everyone that has sent pictures! I wish I could have been there with everyone!

And here is a little tip about the book's title. Everything begun with this quote:
"I am fond of pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals.” 
Winston Churchill



...I have been drawing lovely French ladies from the '50s (and some american ones from the '60s). 

This made me look through my Paris pictures where I found these stunning window displays. Everything about them is inspiring: the composition (do I spot the golden ration there?), the light, the great colors. My '50s ladies would have probably loved these. :)

Manish Arora

Valentino and Yves Saint Laurent



...where I have loved drawing in the past few years :) room in Hasselt,

(the awesome) Corina's room in Hasselt,

my room in Iasi,

my first room in the States,

and my first awesome sheep carpet,

the gazebo Dad has build in Osoi, Iasi,

my first room in Cambridge, UK,

my second room in Cambs,

my second desk in my second room in Cambs,

my third room in Cambs,

coffee shops,

the grad cafe, 

my bed,

Cambridge Central Library,

my third room in Cambs,

the coffee shop of the Library,

Waterstone's cafe with brilliant friends,

Corina's backyard,

my (very safe) third room in Cambs,

my lovely romanian (and a bit too pink) room,

(few) sunny places in Washington,

little portlandish balconies, 

Oregon's seaside,

The Ikea table.