After being awfully ashamed by my last post, El Bobo decided to go on a diet. He no longer responds to El Croissanto. 


fast food

We all make mistakes, and truth be told, some of them are really tasty.


El Bobo 2. Croque Monsieur

El Bobo likes good food. But if the food is good and portable, it's even better. 


El Bobo

Bobo is a happy fellow with a great passion for the food industry. In real life he is actually skinny (and, as a matter of fact, human). But you know how Facebook never lies about your friends and google never lies about your health… well, my sketchbook doesn't lie either: this is how El Bobo* should look like. 

*also known as El Croissanto.


monkeys and me

I made this in printmaking class in college, and it wasn't a success at all. Now I quite like it.
Or perhaps I'm being nostalgic. 


La multi ani!

Today, June 1st, it's children's day in Romania! We're celebrating in style...