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Making of... Pig 1

One day...

I drew a chair.

Then I drew a bored panda on the chair.


 After that I drew the chair. Again. From a different angle. (I know, how exciting, right?)

Then I drew the panda. Again. From a different angle. 

I must have a wild imagination.


The Pig is waiting


There are things you might not be aware of. Perhaps you think such a situation is highly unlikely, but what if it's true? For instance, did you know there is a rumor about a possible new etsy shop where me and the nerd here will sell art…and stuff? 

Well if you don't want to miss out on the latest news about art and… stuff, follow us on our new Facebook fan page. Like Churchill. Soon he will be famous and I'm pretty certain you would like to brag about having met him before he became legendary. 

The Pig is waiting. 



Important things happened this week. President Obama turned 50 (despite republican opposition, as the trustworthy Onion reports), but there was another national event that took place:  I finally decided to post some photographs on my website. 

These were my first two options. From the series "I see you like to chew".

Then I realized they might not be the most 'professional" pick… Why are goats never good enough for one's portfolio? It's beyond me… Therefore you can check out here my other boring picks.