Dirty wow wow (and other love stories)

A wonderful book that gathers pictures and memories of people's first beloved toys! Do you remember your first love?

Update from Zack :) Huggie!


Ella said...

Mine was Mishutka! I shall take a pic with him, he sits in the armchair, silent and lenient, my little bear. He knows that he is still playing with the little girl I was, and that he is in the arms of that girl every night.
A few days ago I was speaking with my cousin, and it came about the toys we had.
I spoke his name, and it sounded so strange. It wasn't spoken for decades.
Sweet childhood... sweet bear

Zack Rock said...

Page 56 of Dirty Wow Wow, "Huggie." That was the exact model of stuffed bear I lugged around everywhere as a kid. I couldn't believe it when I saw him in the book, it was like watching the news and suddenly they're interviewing a friend I hadn't seen in years. That's such a great book, glad you posted on it!

Anca said...

Oh Ella, that is so sweet! Let's make Mishutka famous and publish some then and now pictures! That would be awesome!!

Zack, that is amazing! Are you sure it isn't him? :)
It is a wonderful book indeed!

Ella said...

If only I could find a photo with me and my toys! I shall became an explorer for a few days, and search :D